About Us

Ajmi bin Galib Al muthairy Est, is a leading IPTV-SMART TV system solutions and services provider who holds a variety of product's dealershipsand serves a broad range of clients from hotels, residential villas to industries and Government establshments. CCTV, MATV, SMATV, CATV, Access Control Systems, all these next generation products utilizing latest technologies are now available from one source.

We provide innovative, easy to install and highly advance technology in our IPTV(Internet Protocol Tv) Solution. Our IPTV brings advancedlevel of control and flexibility to TV distribution. We provide end-to-end IPTV solutions for hotels, Educational Institutions, hospitals and corporate buildings. Mac system Technologies provide a full hardware and middleware IPTV solution that totally fits our customer's needs.

We brings you a variety of other services, to provide you intensive security services and relaxing lifestyle.Our installation techs are experienced industry professionals. Capable of creating a security plan for your home or business and then executing with only the highest quality security camera equipment.Thoroughly satisfying our clients is our only goal Read More